Thursday, March 4, 2010

More Favorite Glazes to Recommend- Stroke & Coat

It's been a busy week! Have been trying out some new raku glazes, with promising results, but no pictures quite yet.

I wanted to mention a line of glazes that I have discovered. Mayco Stroke & Coat  glazes are pretty great.  For one thing, they are almost true to shade.  It makes it easy to plan a design because the colors will be fairly close to the finished color, though usually a bit lighter. This glaze works wonderfully with a "watercolor" effect, if you top with a matte or glossy clear glaze. It works like an underglaze, but with 3 coats it doesn't need a clear glaze.
This pendant has several "watercolor" layers of "stroke & coat" followed by a layer of clear.  I used a mixture of blues, greens, pinks, and yellows. 
Here I have used the Tuscan Red, Tuxedo, and  It's Sage.
Here is the Hot Tamale, thinned with water, 1 coat then sealed with clear. Dandelion yellow center.
One technique I love is to coat a piece in black, then remove most of it with a wet sponge.

It settles into the incised designs and creates an almost pen and ink look.
Lastly, I've used the "stroke & coat" with raku firing as well. I do like to give it a coating of clear, just to avoid having a color change. I like the way the clear crackles a bit during the process. I've also had some luck mixing the colors, the toucan's beak was created by mixing Tuscan Red and Dandelion Yellow. His eye rims were done in The Blues.

This line of glazes is great when you want a nice basic way to add dependable color.  It can be layered to help with depth. There are some pieces where I really just want certain colors in certain places and this brand is perfect for achieving that purpose. 

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