Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Loving Lichens

Today I enjoyed a long hike in the woods, enjoying the flora and fauna and searching for inspiration.
I am so attracted to mosses, lichens, and mushrooms! Lichens hold a big attraction because of the gorgeous shades of green (my favorite color).  I had to snap a photo of this stump, clad in several types of lichens. We had a stormy night so the lichens and mosses were extremely green and bright.  Lichens are actually a composite organism composed of a fungus and an algae.

I've been experimenting with creating some porcelain lichen pieces, trying to emulate the look and color.  My first piece is this tea light burner, but I'm working on creating jewelry for lichen lovers (haha).

I'm working on a tutorial for sculpting mushrooms that I should be adding to the end of the week!

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