Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The House Fox

This beautiful Etsy treasury collection was created by my Elitesixteen teammate Frenchfelt who creates the most beautiful accessories from felt.  Here is my absolute FAVORITE of her scarves:
It looks like it would be heaven to wear.  I've made a few felted items myself and know the work that goes into creating even the most basic of scarves let alone such a beautiful piece as this!

Little Ferraby is now almost 9 weeks old! He's starting to get in more of his red fur and it appears that he will be a cross fox which is a color variation somewhere between a silver fox and a red fox.  He's getting two sweet little white patches on his face and his eyes are lightening a bit. Foxes have very exotic looking eyes, somewhere between those of a cat and those of a dog. The pupil is very cat-like.  He's feeling very pleased with himself because he has discovered how to get up on the bed.  He's now big enough to where I feel better about having him loose in the house. His bathroom habits, while not perfect, are predictable and manageable.  He's always easy to find, all I have to do is to check my bed and he's lounging on it.  He is also learning to sit on command.  I reward him with bits of cooked white chicken meat.  Now we all know about the tales of the fox and the henhouse, well let me tell you, he gets a little crazed when he knows I am about to give him some chicken.  He's so smart, he learned the command almost immediately, quicker than any dog I've ever trained.  He's still in a nippy phase, my arms are covered in scratches from rough play. He's learning, but still has a long way to go. I can see him trying but sometimes his excitement gets the better of him.


  1. He is so adorable Anna! Super cute!
    Love that treasury, too!
    Keep posting about Ferraby, I love the updates!

  2. wow! your little Ferraby is ADORABLE!!!
    Thank you for including my treasury in your beautiful article, Anna!