Monday, February 22, 2010

My Own Private Garden

Every time I see a thick green piece of moss, the first idea that pops into my head is TERRARIUM.   I once saw a show when I was a kid, I don't remember what it was called...Hodge Podge or something of that sort.  I remember they used to do all sorts of outdoorsy was my kind of show.  They made this beautiful terrarium with a moss that I just looked up, British Soldier Lichen .   So I hauled out my huge jar, but apparently the lid did not survive our move.  I've found that Target has the most wonderful jars for terrariums, like this one here.  I like to start my terrariums with a layer of sand and gravel.  Aquarium gravel works great or landscaping gravel works too.  Then I put a level of activated carbon which you can find in the aquarium section of the pet store. Next I put a layer several coffee filters, but sphagnum moss is even nicer. I didn't have the moss but did have the coffee filters so that's what I did.  Then you put a nice layer of potting soil, I'd put at least 2-3 inches.  After that you are ready to add plants.  I like to start with a layer of various mosses. You can find them in shady, slightly damp areas.  Try not to totally clear an area but take small patches from several areas.  Ideally what you want is low growing, moisture loving plants (at least for this type of terrarium). I found some plants growing near the moss...they had these little darling four petaled flowers so I've added them, although I've had yet to figure out what they are.  Also I found sticks with lichen growing on them and one with a shelf mushroom.  I also added some seeds to this terrarium, I've chosen Royal Carpet Alyssum .  We will see how well it does! I'm also making little terracotta creatures for them.  I've taken one and coated it with a mixture of honey and vinegar. Then I rubbed it with a dry piece of moss. I'm hoping I can get it to grow on the hedgehog's back.

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