Friday, February 19, 2010

Pleased to be Picked

I was just thrilled to find out I was included in this Etsy Treasury today My Big Fat Etsy Nest .  The funny thing is my husband got me two doves for Valentines day, and they have been nesting too.  So nests are definitely on my brain.  I'm supposed to be working on some jewelry . I've even got the beads grouped into sets, but instead I've been messing around with a bracelet I'm making myself for my B-day.  It's got a very Celtic look and I got the directions from this book.  I've had the materials for about a month.  I got impatient and started my weave without a good clamp. It's come out ok but I'm sure the weave would have been nicer if I had used a stronger clamp.  Of course I had to go right into making it with sterling instead of going with the smart option--making it in cheap wire first. I love making beads, but I do think that when I branch out it's going to be with wire wrapping.  I thought about silversmithing, but some of the tools and supplies are so pricey.  If I took a class I might feel better about it.  Well, I guess I'll be trying to get this bracelet finished and then maybe start working on the jewelry I'm supposed to be

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