Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Glazes!

I just got my package of new glazes, I love Clay King they always ship so quickly. I got smokey blue, clear, and white raku glazes...and a small bottle of ivory.  The white and the clear are supposed to be more of a crackle effect I think.  I'm looking forward to playing with them.  I've been working on some lentil shapes that I've made into thistles and then some I've added a decorative edge to.   I think the latter will be crackled white with the area near the bead holes left unglazed so it turns a matte black.  It's a bit of a challenge doing the raku firing because I have to wait until my husband gets home, it's pretty much a two person job, but he seems to like doing it.  I've had to make my own little racks for raku, but it's tricky getting the beads ready because the wire slumps a bit and the beads end up touching stuff. This new style might help prevent that. 

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