Friday, January 29, 2010

Birds on the Brain

    Today I am inspired to make small fat little birds.  It seems everything I shape turns into a plump little sparrow.  I'm thinking that this simple design will be wonderful for raku firing so I'm breaking into my white clay.  It's pretty heavenly to work with, nice plasticity--part of why I keep making birds.  I've made a few with the stoneware clay (which fires to a pretty speckled brown) and plan to try out some of my higher fire glazes such as Coyote Glaze's saturated iron and light blue shino. I love the rusty look of the saturated iron.  For ones I'm planning to raku fire I'm thinking Amaco's tarnished silver, copper matte, and copper patina.  I accidentally bought bluebell instead of Caribbean blue so I'll probably try that too.  I've made so many now...the other day it was cats and the day before hedgehogs. 

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