Monday, January 25, 2010

Bounty of Buttons, Molds in the Making

            I love looking at buttons anyway but it sure is nice when I have a planned use for them.  They really make fantastic molds for clay bead making.  I use buttons pressed into polymer clay to make molds of different sizes.  Now, what's really great is that Joann's (my local craft store), had buttons AND polymer clay 50% off when I went in yesterday.  When I'm choosing buttons for molds I usually have a certain theme in mind, always Celtic at the forefront but also nature, sea life, and I like patterns that have a Moroccan look to them. I was able to find heart shaped Celtic knots, spirals, Claddaugh , sea shells and an adorable pine cone. Most of the designs can be used as a mold....OR I can fashion a polymer clay handle and I have a very nice stamp. I actually prefer the spirals stamped as opposed to molded.  I try to make two of each mold so I can press a ball of clay between the two to make a double sized button.  I also rolled some larger sheets of polymer clay to make a texture pattern.
          So far, my clay beads and pendants made from the molds look very promising. I'm waiting for them to finish drying and also waiting to get my new kiln. At least I know they'll be very dry by the time I fire them, haha.

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