Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Clay, New Kiln, New Passion


     So I checked FedEx and it shows that my kiln and glazes are on the truck for delivery. I'll have them today! I'll be able to fire some of my stoneware pieces today if it arrives pretty soon.  I've got enough pieces for several runs now.  I will be very happy to finally have some finished pieces. At the moment the garage is full of tiny, FRAGILE bits of greenware. I'm pretty impressed with Clay King right now. Not only were their prices very competitive but they shipped the same day I ordered.  The glaze prices were low enough that even with shipping it was less expensive than buying them locally. 

    I got several boxes of clay yesterday when I made the trek up to the supplier.  One of the types I got is this wonderful red earthenware clay.  I love the way it shows detail, it's a joy to work with.  I'm really trying to choose clays that are as beautiful unglazed as they are glazed.  I did get some plain white which I think will be nice for my sea urchins and sea shells but I haven't broken into that one yet.

   In addition to beads and pendants I'm planning to make small sculpted pieces and I'm planning some mixed media stuff.  I'm planning an excursion to the coast so that I can collect driftwood, sea glass, and maybe some shells.  I guess I could buy it, but what fun is there in that?

edited to add :
Well....I guess I wasn't really thinking clearly, OF COURSE the kiln would be shipped from the manufacturer.  On the upside, I got wonderful fast shipping on my glazes.  I can't wait to try them out!

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  1. Isnt it exciting,I was so hyped up when my kiln arrived.
    I look forward to sharing all you clay adventures,I just know that you will fly high!