Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Book Wish List and some of my Favorites

These are two books at the very top of my list.  I haven't really done much with metal aside from wire wrapping and I'm always intrigued with beautifully hammered silver jewelry. I adore the earrings on the cover.  Now that I'm getting into ceramic bead making the second book seems like a no-brainer.  I've looked at some of the projects in the book and they involve many techniques I'm anxious to try, especially RAKU!

Now for my faves....I taught myself lampworking from Cindy Jenkins' books. They are very informative and enough to get ANYONE started with this beautiful art form. 

Another favorite book of mine is this informative book by Sherri Haab.  It is full of beautiful (and classy) metal clay projects.  I really love the bracelet made from a tree branch and her artichoke beads.

This Chain Mail Jewelry book is full of beautiful projects and many of the projects are so versatile because they would work well for a man or a woman.  I find the Japanese 4-1 Chain mail bracelet to be absolutely stunning.

Woven Wire Jewelry has projects that look really hard but many are deceptively easy.  Actually my most favorite project in the book "the woven bracelet" is one of the easier ones.  It looks very Celtic and has a lot of ways to customize it.

I'm always on the look out for well written craft books with clear explanations and lots of colorful pictures.  These are all books that I'm very happy to have in my home library.

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